It is hot in here...

It is hot in here...

Man it is hot in my house... I can't sleep so I came to bitch to you people... We have the air set to be at 70degrees... Well... That is not the temperature in this sweat-shop... The thermometer and the thermostat say it is like 85 or 86 degrees in here... I AM GONNA DIE!!! Oh well... I will try to sleep but it is just too freakin' hot... Well I will talk about some good things...

Stroker and Hoop

New show. Came on Sunday night at 11:30pm ET... It was so funny I almost pissed myself... I can't help but laugh at most of the stuff that Cartoon Network puts on tv... I now have a lot of favorite shows...

Family Guy
Stroker and Hoop
Aqua Teen Hunger Force

And those are just the ones on Cartoon Network that are my favorites... ADULT SWIM ROCKS!!! There are plenty of other shows that I love but I can't member them with my brain boiling in my head... I am so hot that I have a killer headache... Or it is from being tired... But it is so hot I can't sleep. If I am not asleep by like 1:30am I will take NyQuil even though you should only use it when you need it... At least I will go to sleep. Well I am gonna go watch some tv and boil in bed.
I will be back to bitch more later...
Your friendly neighborhood Cybordemon...

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 2:37 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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