Mike Tyson is back...

Mike Tyson is back...

Louisville, Ky. the home of The Louisville Slugger, Thunder Over Louisville, The Kentucky Derby, filming location for upcoming movie, Elizabethtown, and Cassius Clay(aka:Muhammad Ali); is going to host Mike Tyson and Danny Williams in Freedom Hall for a heavyweight bout. This event is also going to feature Laila Ali... It is scheduled to be held on 7-30-04 (tomorrow!!!) at 9pm,et. I don't have a real opinion about this fight but a lot of people have good and bad opinions about it... Our own governer Ernie Fletcher did not approve of this fight... WHY??? It will bring lots of revenue to the city of Louisville and also to the state of Kentucky... It is a great event for this city, I believe because it will bring a lot of people to the city like the Kentucky Derby does the first Saturday in May every year...

I welcome Mike Tyson, Danny Williams, and Laila Ali to my city to celebrate Mike Tyson's return to the ring for the first time since February of 2003... Even though "He bit Evander Holyfield, tried to break Francois Botha's arm, almost cold-cocked a ref and inadvertently wound up knocking out WBC chief Jose Sulaiman at a news conference." (quoted from Jim Litke / Associated Press)

I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF!!! I just care that he might actually trying to go ligit...

Let me hear what you think about all of this stuff...

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Comment *** Hey!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I haven't had a chance to check the wonderful blogs. :). But, it's looks like you've been having fun. You're on the 'top sites list' of the blogeasy homepage, so, that's something to be proud of. Even if you were to die tomorrow that can be on your list of achievements, right? Well, I gotta go for now. I'll ttyl. Toodle Tah The Insomniac

Fri Jul 30, 2004 12:43 pm MST by Insomniac

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