WINNER!!! 6-24-04!!!

WINNER!!! 6-24-04!!!

The turnout for guesses was not very big... But, the two people that did guess were GiantSquid and Insomniac... The funny thing is, they were both right. GiantSquid said I was happy, that is correct, and that I have a lot on my mind, which is also correct because I am having a lot of personal problems right now with friends and having a hard time... Insomniac said I was confused. That is correct also because I am confused on where my life is going and what my purpose is in this god forsaken life...
So, to recap... The Winner of Guess My Mood 6-24-04 was both GiantSquid and Insomniac
Thanks again peeps for reading this crap I have posted...
Your Friendly Neighborhood Cybordemon...

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