New Harry Potter book...  Book 6 title...

New Harry Potter book... Book 6 title...

So I was bored and was looking at some news headlines on the internet. I looked through them and saw that J.K. Rowling was having her thrid child... WOW!!! Anywho. I saw where they were talking about her saying it would not cause the 6th book to be delayed... I read more and have discovered the title of book 6, it is titled "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." I read more at her official site and she said that neither Harry Potter or Voldemort were the Half blood prince... So, I guess we have to wait for the book to come out when we will figure out what is all going on in the Harry Potter universe...
Well, see ya'lls later on the intarweb!
Your friendly neighborhood cybordemon!
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